Mat-Su Borough Portfolio

Mat-Su Borough Certified Professional Portfolio

The Teacher Who Never Gave Up: My Teaching Philosophy

Student Teaching Work Samples, 2 Week Units:

The following work samples gathered during my student teaching demonstrate many of Mat-Su Borough Teacher Standards. I am passionate and knowledgeable about both language arts and science. I would like to provide evidence to you of my ability to teach both content areas successfully by providing both work samples as part of this portfolio.

Teaching Video of me in the 8th grade language arts classroom during student teaching

Examples from position at Palmer Junior Middle

Examples from position at Early College High School

My Classroom at ECHS

Teaching Video of me in the Early College High School Biology classroom

Evaluations at Early College High School

Other teaching professional development and collaboration

Mat-Su Borough Teacher Standards

The following teacher standards are covered within the preceding essay, work samples from my student teaching, photos, videos, and other links contained on this page.

1. A teacher knows his/her subject area and how to teach it.

2. A teacher can describe his/her philosophy and rationale for their current teaching practice.

3. A teacher understands how students learn and develop and applies that knowledge by monitoring and assessing student learning.

4. A teacher teaches students with respect for their individual and cultural characteristics.

5. A teacher creates and maintains a learning environment which provides multiple opportunities for students to be actively engaged and contributing members.

6. A teacher works as a partner with parents, families, and community.

7. A teacher participates in and contributes to the teaching profession.